Property Section

Standard “no cost” automatic policy benefits:
  • Accidental Damage cover to full sum insured up to $ 250,000.
  • Landscaping - $25,000 in addition to the sum insured.
  • Removal of Debris - $100,000 in addition to the sum insured.
  • Temporary removal cover for Contents including graveside equipment, audio equipment, lifters, shade structures.

Business Interruption Section

  • Additional Expenditure $100,000 (automatically included)
  • Accounts Receivable $ 50,000 (automatically included)
  • Claims Preparation Costs $ 50,000 (automatically included)

Burglary Section

Your choice of two levels of cover.
  • Level 1 - $ 5,000 (increasing to $20,000 where the premises are protected by a monitored back to base alarm).
  • Level 2 - $ 25,000 (increasing to $100,000 where the premises are protected by a monitored back to base alarm).

Contents definition includes personal effects of customers and/or deceased persons.

Glass Section

  • Includes decorative/ stained glass
  • Signwriting / Alarm tapes

Money Section

  • In transit / on premises during business hours
  • In a locked safe or strongroom
  • In personal custody of insured or authorised employee
  • On premises after hours not in a locked safe

Public and Products Liability Section

  • Your choice of limit of indemnity - $10,000,000 / $20,000,000
  • Property in Physical and Legal Control - $100,000

General Property Section

  • Accidental Damage cover for nominated items
  • Cover anywhere in Australia including whilst in transit
  • Portable electronic equipment (laptops, digital cameras etc)

Machinery / Electronic Breakdown Section

  • Automatically covers all electric motors as well as all electronic equipment (computers, photocopiers printers, phone systems etc)
  • Restoration of data media
  • Additional Increased Cost of Working

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